Since 2002

Capturing moments

of today so that you can

relive them tomorrow

Newfoundland | Coast to Coast

From modern love stories to timeless portraits and empowering personal branding, I aim to capture the essence of your unique journey while providing a relaxing, enjoyable, and helpful experience.

“The idea is not to live forever,
but to create something that will.”

I'm Emma

I was 15 years old when I picked up my father's "fancy camera" for the first time. The click of the shutter made my young heart flutter. Fast forward to today, and I'm still chasing that sound and what it represents.

The idea of freezing time in a photograph - capturing a person or fleeting moment has always fascinated me. It's truly priceless! What could be more valuable than a portrait of a person or a precious moment - captured for generations to enjoy?


Emma is incredibly talented and professional, as well as kind and down-to-earth. She made us all feel so comfortable - as if we had known her all our lives!


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